****Third Thursday Social Run:  Every Third Thursday of the month at 6:15 PM.  5 mile route which can be cut short or added to, meet up post run at the Bier Deck.  All paces welcome.

Distance from the Shop:

Katy Trail:4.6 miles

Klondike Park: 12 miles

Shaw Nature Reserve: 14 miles

Matson Hill Park: 16 miles

Lost Valley Trail: 20 miles

Lewis and Clark Trail: 23 miles

Fox Creek Trail Head (GRT): 23 miles

Greensfelder Park: 24 miles

Rockwoods Reservation: 27 miles

Al Foster Trail: 28 miles

Chubb Trail: 28 miles

Castlewood Park: 36 miles

Northern Terminus of OT: 47 miles

Berryman Campground: 67 miles

Area Running Trails


The Lion's Lake Loop A Timed Event

April 28th, 2018

1 Hour, 6 Hour and 12 Hour

Group Runs

Workout Wednesday : Join us each Wednesday at 5:15 PM for a group warm up, a specific workout that can be tailored to individual running goals, followed by a group cool down back to the shop.  

Awkward Turtles:  Meet at the shop each Sunday at 2:00 PM for a casual paced run focused on low heart rate and building an aerobic base.  Walkers and new runners welcome!

Upcoming Events

Washmo Run Routes

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